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You have been trying to find a solution to your pain...

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Unelli-Pass_2013You have been trying to find a solution to your pain, and this has caused a lot of stress over the years ? During this time, you have tried many solutions, but without success.

I am very familiar with this situation. I tried countless things to try to find a solution to my problems. Continually, I was disappointed, but did not give up. I was sure that there must be a solution. And there was.

Today, after many false alarms, I again feel great. I hope that you will find a lot of interesting information on my pages and that I can also provide you with help towards feeling better.

I can offer to evaluate you in a first call free of charge, including how far my work could be of use for you. This conversation does not obligate you to anything, but gives you the chance to get insights into this fascinating topic.

I look forward to hearing from you.


interference field measurement via Skype


Does that even work?

The clear answer: “Yes, it works!”



  • no travel charges
  • short-term appointments possible
  • evening appointments available as well
  • Settlement in manageable units of time

When does an interference field measurement via Skype make sense?

  • If the travel charges are too expensive
  • If after a successful interference field elimination problems (e.g. due to new furniture) occur
  • If after a successful analysis and interference field elimination, other places should be checked for interference fields (e.g. workplace, …)
  • If you are temporarily in a different environment and experience interference field related problems (e.g. hotel on vacation)
  • If something should be checked „on the fly“


The first consultation (by phone) is completely free of charge. The first conversation is very important, as it allows me to get a first impression of the problem and allows you to inform yourself and understand my working method.

Only if this approach suits you, we will choose a suitable time for the Skype consultation. Already during the first Skype appointment, first measurements in regards to interference fields and their potential causes will be made.


You can contact me via > Email, if you wish to make a Skype appointment!



Choose a desired time interval and pay comfortably via one of the following payment options:

Payments are currently possible via PayPal or preliminary payment. Card payments are coming soon!

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You choose if the methodology of interference field analysis on the basis of images conforms to your expectations of interference field elimination. For further information, read my flyer 6 or one of my 2 books, which portray a detailed explanation on interference analysis by the use of images.

You can download the latest version of the Skype app for your mobile phone or tablet on the  official website [/symple_toggle]