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Unelli-Pass_2013Born in 1960 in Hamburg, I currently live in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg since 1988. I have worked as a commercial employee for over 30 years.

My interest in interference fields started after a very serious mercurial contamination, which arose due to silver fillings. This made me very sensitive and I suffered for a long time. In 2007 I by accident encountered (there is no such thing as a coincidence) the topic “bioresonance therapy”. This was the first instance I was treated with this method, and this area sparked my interest. Shortly after I got involved in aspects of radiesthesia.

There were already plenty of publications, workshops and experts on this topic. However it was quickly becoming clear to me that I would not take over external methods. I wanted to develop my own methods, although this would primarily help me in the beginning.

I started studying the aspects of radiesthesia over a period of 5 years at home. In my free time I tried to research all types of interference fields on a daily basis. During this time I encountered amazing findings, which I have tested and verified myself. Over the years I became more precise and confident.

I realised that my sensitivity originated both from my mercurial contamination and natural sensitivity. This enabled me to develop a personal ability in this field.

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I managed to effectively detect the existing interference fields (essentially in the area of Geopathic Stress Zones / Electric Smog / DECT / WLAN) and managed to eliminate them as well. I first adopted this method experimentally within the family environment and later extended my analysis to a circle of friends.

Encouraged by the positive feedback I received, I was able to manage sustainable interference elimination. This has led me to the decision to help those who would like to investigate the interference fields at home or at work.

Please feel free to contact me. Please tell me your telephone number and I will contact you as soon as possible.

Yours Faithfully
Ulrich Nelting

Note: Ulrich Nelting is as well member as an expert of the Burnout Zentrum e.V. in Germany