Interference fields?

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Unelli-Pass_2013You have been trying to find a solution to your pain, and this has caused a lot of stress over the years ? During this time, you have tried many solutions, but without success.

I am very familiar with this situation. I tried countless things to try to find a solution to my problems. Continually, I was disappointed, but did not give up. I was sure that there must be a solution. And there was.

Today, after many false alarms, I again feel great. I hope that you will find a lot of interesting information on my pages and that I can also provide you with help towards feeling better.

I can offer to evaluate you in a first call free of charge, including how far my work could be of use for you. This conversation does not obligate you to anything, but gives you the chance to get insights into this fascinating topic.

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waldInterference fields appear mostly near the surface of the earth. On one side they extend deep under the upper layer of earth and are effective up until a certain level above earth surface level. Consequently, depending on the strength of the field, they can be felt by sensitive humans up until several floors of a building.

landschaftIn the nature e.g. interference fields could be visible in trees. Instead of growing properly upwards, the tree begins to grow spirally as it attempts to go around the field. The same applies with boles which show tumors. These might all be indications of interference fields.

stoneInterference fields can also be visible in building constructions, if e.g. a plastered garden wall or a house wall shows cracks. Although at first it might seem like workmanship, mostly it is interference fields which create dislocations or underground courses which make these areas crack.

Humans are realising these “over-energies”. Under permanent influence these “over-energies” weaken the human organism. The consequences should not be underestimated.

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