un18You have been trying to find a solution to your pain, and this has caused a lot of stress over the years ? During this time, you have tried many solutions, but without success.

I am very familiar with this situation. I tried countless things to try to find a solution to my problems. Continually, I was disappointed, but did not give up. I was sure that there must be a solution. [more]

Testing of your glasses…


From my own experience I have found that glasses can definitely produce health problems, due to interference frequencies in spectacle frames or the processing of the glasses…. [more]

New info film

Here you will be able to see an easy-to-understand explanatory video about the way I work.

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Book tip



My second book will be available very soon in all good bookshops…

Vertebra blockades/Back pain


I hope, you will find the following useful, in relation to finding a solution to your chronic pain from vertebra… [more]

Testing of your glasses

On the page „Testing of your glasses“ you can book online a „testing of your glasses in respect of interfering signals“ and pay easy via PayPal…

Testing of your clothes

On the page „Clothes“ you can book online a „Testing of your clothes“ in respect of interfering signals and pay easy via PayPal…

Students can learn better


Utopia…? No, not at all! Students usually become much more settled in class, they don’t quarrel anymore and raise their academic grades… [more]

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